Angie Hempker

Welcome to Home Foot Care Serivce

We know how important your feet are and those of your loved ones.  When you have pain in your toes you are miserable.  We can help with service to your door!

Let me introduce us to you.  I am Angie Hemker and my mother, Gail, and I have been soothing people’s feet for over 25 years.  My mother saw a need for those who can’t always get out of their home to have have their toenails clipped, calluses removed and help with circulation from a good foot massage.

Now we are glad you found us so we can help you or your loved one.

From the very start we are personal about our care.

Our initial client assessment is designed to establish trust and comfort,
while assessing overall foot health and plan of care.

Don’t let another day go by where you or a loved are not taking care of your feet!